Data Moves! exploring datasets with movement

Data Moves! exploring data with movement

An ever-increasing amount of data about various aspects of the world around us is recorded. Many believe that the path to ideal decision making lies in this data and associated analytic methodologies. However data is far from neutral; it is highly contextual and carries many limitations. In order to interrogate data and understand its perspectives and biases we need easily accessible data tools and methods for collective sense-making. As we move towards more automated societies where data is a de-facto part of our infrastructure, isn’t it fair that we, the people, are allowed to make sense of our own data? 

In this project, we seek to disrupt the way we present and interact with datasets, using art like dancing and acting as vehicles to tell our stories.  Data Moves is a data experience. “A data experience takes data off the screen and puts it into the physical world” [Perovich L., 2015]. 

This project explores the ways in which data can be physicalized through human expression. We are working with members of the community to co-compose dance performances informed by datasets and validate the use of dance and acting as methods to enhance data literacy. 

You can read more about our initial explorations here.


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